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river, c.300 mi (480 km) long, formed by the junction of two forks in SW Va., and flowing generally SW across E Tenn. to the Tennessee River at Kingston. Its waters and those of its tributary, the Powell, are used to make a reservoir at Norris Dam; at its mouth the Clinch forms Watts Bar Reservoir. The river is thus an important part of the system of the Tennessee Valley Authority. In the 1970s controversy arose over the growing pollution problem of the waters and the effect upon fish.

clinch, clench

To secure or fasten a nail, staple, screw, etc., by hammering the protruding point so that it is bent over.


1. Boxing Wrestling an act or an instance in which one or both competitors hold on to the other to avoid punches, regain wind, etc.
2. Nautical a loop or eye formed in a line by seizing the end to the standing part
References in classic literature ?
Scotty protested and reached for French Frank, who whirled upon him and fell on top of him in a pummelling clinch after a sprawl of twenty feet across the sand.
And to clinch the argument, there were the several Congressmen who testified to having seen Ernest fumble and drop the bomb.
He pivoted on his feet, and, instead of striking, ducked the other's swinging blow and went into a clinch.
Watson blocked the kick with his crossed arms and sprang to his feet so quickly that he was in a clinch with his antagonist before the latter could strike.
Again it was a clinch, in which, in momentary safety, Watson appealed to the gang.
Again Watson put him on the floor, broke away, and was thrust back by the pasty-faced circle to duck Patsy's swinging right and effect another clinch.
Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction -- a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse.
So he was a countryman of Brayne's, and that seems to clinch it.
Tom, who was still bubbling over with last night's scene and all the thoughts of the last week, and wanting to clinch and fix the whole in his own mind, which he could never do without first going through the process of belabouring somebody else with it all, suddenly rushed into the subject of Arthur's illness, and what he had said about death.
We're just mixin' into a clinch that ain't arrived yet, when he shoots a short hook to my head--his left, an' a real hay-maker if it reaches my jaw.
Now kick in, damn you, Bill Roberts, an' finish'm' the referee says to me, an' I tell'm to go to hell as Bill an' me flop into the next clinch, not hittin', an' Bill touches his thumb again, an' I see the pain shoot across his face.
a thousand times; and my desires were so moved by it, that when I spoke the words my hands would clinch together, and my fingers would press the palms of my hands, so that if I had had any soft thing in my hand I should have crushed it involuntarily; and the teeth in my head would strike together, and set against one another so strong, that for some time I could not part them again.