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The clips parted with a gesture of indignant dismissal, as though Quebec, glittering under her snows, were casting out these light and unworthy lovers.
You will perceive," he said, "that the clips are lined with tiny bands of cork to soften the pressure upon the nose.
Early in this trick once when the steward had left the room and Michael's eager nose was within an inch of the prohibited morsel, Kwaque, playfully inclined, reached for the morsel himself and received a lacerated hand from the quick flash and clip of Michael's jaws.
Marilla made no reply, but she hit the unlucky sorrel such a vicious clip with the whip that the fat mare, unused to such treatment, whizzed indignantly down the lane at an alarming pace.
There was no warning, only a leap in like a flash, a metallic clip of teeth, a leap out equally swift, and Curly's face was ripped open from eye to jaw.
The new website will help visitors learn about franchising as an industry, how to evaluate franchise opportunities, the requirements and process for becoming a Sport Clips franchisee, available Sport Clips markets, and other topics of interest to potential franchisees.
Tenders are invited for Provision of information campaign (promotional audio clip production, broadcasting national radio stations).
The company says that women who have worn these new Pass IDs and badges state that they prefer the Contour Clip over traditional adhesive labels and metal bulldog clips because of its ease-of-use and clothing-safe design.
Bad clips will snap under stress at the circular portion of the clip's head.
Clever Clips have an SRP of $10 for three clips, while each handmade Tattle Tail retails for $12.
Controversial Lebanese singer Maria finished filming her latest music video clip for her new song "Bahib Al Mas" (I Love Diamonds), written by Haitham Sha'ban and composed by Lebanese singer Eiwan.
3 Hook two paper clips onto the clip that is wedged inside the pen cap.