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But having been seen live on Sky, the Juninho Shuffle has already exploded beyond the cliquish confines of the away-day crowd at Highbury.
9) See Matt Lair & Jim Newton, The Rampart Scandal: The 'Rampart Way': Macho, Insubordinate and Cliquish Misconduct: Report Describes an 'Us Versus Them' Mind-set in Which Superiors Were Frequently Ignored, L.
An article about girls' so-called "relational aggression" (Talbot) details the cruel cliquish behavior of girls in a US Cathedral School.
Existing members tend to stick to their cliquish groups.
One participant): You're going to get people of different races and they are cliquish in themselves.
They engage in monologues that are symptomatic of a larger problem in our discipline, plagued, as it is, by overspecialization, politicized factionalism, and self-serving, cliquish interest groups.
If the presidential election ends up as an intraparty tussle in which the concerned parties seek to gain the upper hand in the postelection maneuvering within the party, or a factional election with priority placed on cliquish interests instead of party interests, the chances of regenerating Japan -- let alone the LDP -- will become ever slimmer.
Another problem with the "gay community' is its inability to tolerate internal differences; we are very cliquish.
While in principle many accepted the desirability of receiving converts and rejected the traditional view that proselytes should be discouraged, they understood that their congregations were not universalistic centers of ethical monotheism, but instead sometimes cliquish groups of German Jews who isolated themselves socially, not only from most non-Jews, but even from their Eastern European co-religionists.
In addition, politically virtuous managers delegate inclusively and eschew in-group cliquish behavior or other forms of political favoritism (Lumsden and Lumsden, 1997).