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growth rate of Cloned Competent Cells in these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast), covering North America Europe China Japan Southeast Asia India Global Cloned Competent Cells market competition by top manufacturers, with production, price, revenue (value) and market share for each manufacturer; the top players including Merck KGaA Thermo Fisher Scientific Agilent Technologies Takara Bio Promega Corporation Beijing TransGen Biotech GeneScript Corporation Yeastern Biotech New England Biolabs QIAGEN N.
It would be theoretically possible to clone humans, but, to date, there are no records of an actual fully developed human ever being cloned, (http://www.
In the new study, Sinclair and colleagues examined 13 cloned sheep ages 7 to 9 years old (roughly equivalent to people in their 50s to 70s).
Milk and meat from the offspring or descendants of cloned bovine animals have entered the food chain in the US and Argentina.
A European Commission statement to MEPs in Strasbourg said the offspring of cloned animals could enter the food chain and that more research was needed on any health hazards associated with cloned animals.
And cloned animals are often born abnormally large, contributing to dangerous births and increased fatality in carriers.
Dolly the sheep was the first animal to have been successfully cloned in 1997.
A draft report from the FDA recently concluded that edible products from cloned animals presented no additional risks to public.
The international scientific establishment knows that the stem cells derived from Hwang's cloned embryos could not possibly match a patient donor, except in the rare circumstance where a woman had the nucleus of one of her own somatic cells transferred into one of her own ova.
So the attempt to distinguish therapeutic from reproductive cloning has broken down: What was once called "reproductive" cloning (placing cloned embryos in a womb) is being accepted as a necessary part of so-called "therapeutic" cloning.
1998 - More than 50 mice reported cloned from a single adult mouse over several generations.