close couple

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couple-close, close couple

A pair of opposite rafters which are connected by a collar beam or tie beam and are tied together at the apex.
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Family friend and neighbour the Rev John Scott said: 'They were a very close couple and went everywhere together.
They were such a close couple and Janette doted on her children and grandchildren.
Nik and Sheri have always been such a close couple.
EARTH TIME 10:00 SATURDAY WHO'S THAT GIRL David Tennant leaves home with co-star Georgia Moffett; LEAVING HIS HOME EARTH TIME 10:02 SATURDAY SO CLOSE Couple at his London house; EARTH TIME 10:30 SATURDAY FAN FEVER Tennant is surrounded by admirers; EARTH TIME 11:00 SUNDAY LEAVING HER HOME PEAK VIEWING Tennant leaving Georgia's home Pictures: TIM ANDERSON/JASON SHILLINGFORD
We are a very close couple and though we have spent a lot of time apart we have remained strong.
If you didn't know who they were, you'd have thought they were a close couple out on a romantic date.
A music source said: "Everyone who knows them was really shocked by the split because they were such a close couple.