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html) ordered evacuations around Agung , while tourists are stranded at the closed airport.
Tenders are invited for swpp implementation, maintenance, and monitoring; marking and lighting of closed airport facilities; 1700 sy of cold milling; 115 cy of unclassified excavation; 1700 sy of scarify and recompact existing aggregate base course; 225 cy of crushed aggregate base course; 1,700 sf of runway and taxiway marking; adjust existing drop inlet to new grade; 205 lf of new concrete valley gutter; new flush concrete cutoff wall and subdrain.
The city's association of hotel operators pointed to the closed airport as one of the main reasons for a more than 50 percent drop in overnight stays in the week following the bombings.
On Sept 1, loud explosions and war planes could be heard from the area of the closed airport which Islamist forces have been trying to seize from Haftar's forces allied to the regular army.
I always saw myself arriving at the closed airport prepared, since I'd paid attention to this lesson--I never believed I would be the one in the left seat of the injured airplane.
A closed airport meant that the luxury French fabrics had to be rerouted through Jordan and Syria and then shipped by land.
The illegal airport is a closed airport situated in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus, which the Government of Cyprus, as the sole legitimate and internationally recognized authority on the island, has declared since 1974 as an illegal point of entry into and exit from the Republic of Cyprus, for the reason of not being able to exercise control over the occupied part of its territory, as a result of the continuing Turkish military occupation.
Students at schools near the closed airport, on the other hand, started doing better in the same subjects.
There is no regulation against shooting an approach to a closed airport.
Unable to raise anyone at the closed airport, we transmitted on common-distress frequencies our intention to land and requested someone to acknowledge.
An unlicensed US pilot who reportedly managed to steal an aircraft and fly it from Connecticut to New York and land it at a closed airport, whilst drunk, has received a one-year prison sentence.
This will curtail the airport and help turn on the lights at a closed airport in Orange County.