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Nielssen noted that the drive towards closed cycle is indicative of how far the Canadian pulp and paper industry has come this decade in undertaking environmental leadership.
Fully closed cycle testing will follow soon afterwards and will complete the sub-scale demonstration engine program.
NYSE: APD) has developed a new brochure on its breakthrough Closed Cycle Air Refrigeration (CCAR [TM]) technology, showcasing the system's capabilities for flexible, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly food freezing.
Paprican is leading a multidisciplinary R&D effort to develop closed cycle technology.
Animals consume some of the plants and give off their own by-products--and the closed cycle of photosynthesis and respiration continues.
Closed cycle cryostat 4 300 K with a sample in exchange gas.
New closed cycle vapor technology cleaning system installed last month, reducing 92% of carbon-based energy;
William McDonough, for instance, proposes the thesis that natural systems operate in a closed cycle so that waste from one process feeds the next.
Nevada-based ORMAT International has received purchase orders for six additional 3 kW Closed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerators (CCVTs) for remote unattended powering of the communications and telemetry systems on the Ivana platform complex in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia.
Green Oasis patent pending process is designed to produce marketable fuels from waste oils in a closed cycle, one step process.
The companies believe their closed cycle glucose-sensing system will succeed where other in vivo glucose-sensing device development programs have failed due to several critical factors: