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It has an electric screw drive and clamp movements, but the closing pressure buildup is servo-hydraulic.
5) Theoretically, the increase in intra-abdominal pressure that coincides with an increased BMI results in a proportionally higher intravesical pressure, which overcomes urethral closing pressure and leads to incontinence.
Acute abdominal compression in patients with OSA might be associated with increased UA closing pressure.
If the pressure generated by the suture is greater than the closing pressure of the skin capillaries, the result will be local necrosis.
The chamber is connected to the nitrogen reservoir equipped with a pressure gauge and it is placed in a hot compression moulding press that ensures the heating of the chamber and its good closing for perfect control of the gas pressure that must be lower than the press closing pressure.
However, proper sealing of Lyoseal caps requires more force; therefore, as an option, Klee equips its freeze dryers with a hydraulic system that builds up 15% more closing pressure.
Pressure-relief devices constantly reduce the interface pressure to below capillary closing pressure (25-32 mmHg).
Information regarding incontinence risk is gained by comparing the location of the dip in urethral pressure with the site of the maximum urethral closing pressure.
Closing the filter plates hydraulically with closing pressure regulation produces a uniform sealing face pressure that reduces stress on plates, seals, membranes and the main frame;
Closing pressure settings after the valve opens are typically less than 10% on air and vapour service; blowdown on liquid is 10 to 15%.
The fuse, which is constructed of zinc-coated steel, is designed to close in the controlled direction and remain closed as long as inlet pressure remains above the 70 psi closing pressure.
17] The critical closing pressure (Pcrit) measures airway collapsibility, and it has been associated with the success or failure of UPPP.