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In addition, it should be pointed out the role of cloud albedo in climatic monitoring and analysis studied by Mueller et al.
The role of the effective cloud albedo for climate monitoring and analysis.
On the other hand, the radiative forcing from aerosol-cloud interactions (RFaci) refers to the instantaneous effect on cloud albedo due to changing concentrations of cloud condensation and ice nuclei, also known as the Twomey effect (Twomey, 1977).
Though the resulting profile, being discontinuous, is unrealistic, the model adds to the effects of the earlier models a cloud albedo, resulting from the scattering of short-wave radiation.
aerosol-radiation interactions), aerosols interact with cloud particles to modulate the cloud albedo and lifetime (Twomey 1974; Albrecht 1989).
This affects the cloud albedo and activates the aerosol indirect effects.
63-[micro]m total-sky albedo, which is the cloud albedo weighted against surface albedo for clear-sky portions of a scene.
63-[micro]m OLR derived from cloud albedo and moderate resolution transmission.
Furthermore, it was agreed that stratocumulus cloud albedo is sensitive to both natural and anthropogenic atmospheric aerosols (Twomey 1974, 1977), which are both produced in the SEP by desert dust, the ocean, copper smelters (Huneeus et al.