club rush

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club rush:

see cattailcattail
or reed mace,
any plant of the genus Typha, perennial herbs found in almost all open marshes. The cattail (also called club rush) has long narrow leaves, sometimes used for weaving chair seats, and a single tall stem bearing two sets of tiny flowers, the
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; sedgesedge,
common name for members of the Cyperaceae, a family of grasslike and rushlike herbs found in all parts of the world, especially in marshes of subarctic and temperate zones.
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At Club Rush, it's a strict no kids, no adults environment, which means it's a place for teeny boppers to hang-out all by themselves.
Younger visitors can enjoy a complimentary day at the Atlantis Kids Club while for older kids, there is a complimentary day at Club Rush (8 am -- midnight), the fully-supervised 'no adults' private club.
Other activities include a state-of-the-art climbing center, teen spa treatments and the "no adults" hangout, Club Rush.
Club Rush, for teens aged 13--17, is a supervised club with a strict 'No Adults' rule.
Concerned that some students at Simi Valley High School feel excluded from campus life, organizers used their annual Club Rush Day on Thursday to bring these pupils into the fold.
Club Rush is a fully-supervised 'no adults' private club setting where teens and 'tweens can socialize and enjoy their own entertainment.