cluster bomb

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cluster bomb:

see cluster munitionscluster munitions
or cluster bombs,
air-dropped or ground-launched weapons that open in mid-air and scatter dozens, hundreds, or thousands of smaller submunitions (or bomblets) over a wide area.
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They refused to take part in the historic signing of the treaty that banned the production and use of cluster bombs.
See Arce, supra note 144 (recounting countries that favor weaker cluster bomb treaty).
At a time when concern over civilian deaths in conflict is in the news, this treaty stands out as a clear example of what governments must do to protect civilians and redress the harm already caused by cluster bombs, by assisting victims and making land safe," said Mr Burdestani.
Ao This holds as true in the issue of cluster bombs, as in any other where human rights are violated and ignored.
Handicap International (HI), a campaign group, says about 100,000 people have been killed or maimed by cluster bombs worldwide since 1965, with 98 per cent of them civilians.
The United States is the world's largest producer, stockpiler and user of cluster bombs.
military would continue to use and export even the most unreliable cluster bombs over the next decade.
THE BRITISH armed forces clung to their cluster bombs like a baby to its rattle, and some suspected that they were trying to sabotage the treaty on behalf of their American friends (who were not there, of course).
This air campaign has been dragging on since March, but more and more, monitors are reporting a worrying trend on the Yemeni battlefield -- cluster bombs, supplied by the US.
April 16, 2015 (KAMPALA) -- An international human rights advocacy groups say there is evidence that indicates the Sudanese army (SAF) has dropped cluster bombs on civilian areas of South Kordofan in February and March this year.
Summary: A member of a Norwegian demining team removing Israeli cluster bombs in south Lebanon died Wednesday after being wounded in a minor explosion.
Denmark s deadline for destroying national stockpiles is not until 2018, but having decided to advance the destruction process, Denmark has now already disposed of the last Danish cluster bombs.