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This legacy storage clustering technology requires a master controller or "head" to coordinate tasks among the nodes in the cluster.
PolyServe is the leading developer of shared data clustering software for Linux- and Microsoft Windows-based data centers.
In general, clustering procedures find similarities among data set items that form the basis for sorting them into a series of groups.
As traction continues to build within the OSS community, Terracotta began to execute the plan to open source its clustering software products.
Still, since many examples of non-clustered virtual storage arrays exist in the marketplace, and many storage professionals 'think of it' as clustering, its exploration is worthwhile.
The clustering of small loops around larger ones mimics the structure of Abell clusters, and it even reproduces the correlation function that describes the sizes of galaxies in the Abell clusters.
Distributed storage cluster (DSC) architecture exploits the proven benefits of clustering within an agile storage infrastructure, enabling enterprises to respond quickly and transparently to business changes.
Previously, organizations have spent weeks or months writing clustering code by hand and have invested in expensive tools to make Java applications in production cluster and scale efficiently.
Object-based storage clustering systems have the intrinsic ability to linearly scale in capacity and performance to meet the demands of the most powerful Linux-based clusters.
Oracle and SilverStorm Team to Drive Network Consolidation and Scalability for Oracle's Clustering Technology
By applying this expertise to the storage arena, organizations gain the same proven benefits of application and server clustering in the storage infrastructure.
It is imperative that we can ensure the highest levels of availability within WatchTower and we are impressed with the database clustering features that Continuent p/cluster offers.