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carriage bolt

carriage bolts
A threaded bolt having a circular head, an oval or flat bearing surface, and a means (such as a square shoulder under the head) of preventing rotation of the bolt.
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Also, exchange the screws on standard hinges with security screws, or replace the hinges with strap hinges, also secured with coach bolts.
Floor, walls and roof were made from laminated timber elements 625mm wide and 140mm thick, which are fixed together with coach bolts and stainless-steel pins.
Drill four 3/8"-diameter holes at the front of the frame to enable the rear frame to be bolted to the front, using 3 1/2"-long coach bolts, spring washers, and nuts.
Shed burglaries, he says, can be prevented by using quality padlocks and replacing standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or nonreturn screws.
12 Drill the holes for the screws and use the right fixings, such as coach bolts, to secure the sink to its supporting frame behind the tiles.
Property mark items where possible; Use two quality padlocks; Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured with coach bolts or non-return screws;
He advised fitting shed and garage alarms and locks, and replacing screws on outbuildings with coach bolts to make breaking in difficult.
The bolt lying by the side of the fishplate in Walsall is not actually from it and are what are called coach bolts from a different part of the railway.
If you are making the bed on a paved surface use coach bolts to hold the sleepers together.
Instead, police say, they should use quality padlocks and replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or non-return screws.
4 Use screws or coach bolts to fix the post to the decking joist (once decking boards and handrail are added it becomes very secure).