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Chief executive Frank Chapman said: "Whilst equity markets and energy prices decline, and coal seam gas companies' share prices fall, Origin is telling its shareholders to wait for an uncertain and unclear outcome from its monetisation process and reject the certain value of BG Group's all-cash offer.
29 has been available to oil and gas producers as an incentive to find and produce fuel from designated nonconventional sources (primarily oil from shale and tar sands, and gas from geopressurized brine, Devonian shale, coal seams and tight formations).
WellDog now provides five business services to the coal seam gas and coal mining industries including gas testing, permeability testing, permanent monitoring sales and installations, downhole water/gas separation and re-injection, and reservoir engineering services.
After the two new power projects are completed, Australia Pacific LNG will have an installed fleet of 29 Jenbacher gas engines capable of producing a total of about 87 MW of power to support coal seam gas processing activities.
Table 1: Coal Seam Gas in Asia, Anthracite, Bituminous, Sub-Bituminous and Lignite Coal Reserves, Key Asian Countries (mmt), 2011 12
The Condamine Coal Seam intersections have been typically greater than 5m thick, however, at this stage it has been excluded from the resource and target coal estimates.
But there's also a chance BG's hostile move may drag out other parties interested in Origin's coal seam gas assets.
S), on their coal seam gas process and delivery system.
The engines will generate reliable, on-site power for GE's advanced membrane and thermal water treatment technologies that are being installed to desalinate water produced during the extraction of coal seam gas.
The Company's interests in the joint-venture, which is named "Henan Hongyuan Coal Seam Gas Engineering Technology Co.
PL 171 is interpreted to be situated in the prime Walloon Coal Seam Gas fairway on the eastern side of the Surat Basin.
Barker has spent most of his career in the Coal Seam Gas sector, both privately and with the US Geological Survey Energy Resources Team.