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The organic hydrogen content of coal reduces with increasing coalification degree.
Endogenous and exogenous fractures are the result of coalification, constitution, stress, and inheritance fractures are transitional fractures.
Coal rank indicates the progressive alteration, or coalification, from lignite to anthracite.
Implications of coalification levels, Eureka Sound Formation, northeastern Arctic Canada.
Oil shale, also called oil-forming shale, is a kind of combustible organic rock with high ash and low metamorphic grade, which is derived from algae and unicellular lower eukaryote or remains as a result of the processes of putrefaction and coalification.
A) to understand the coalification behavior and to evaluate the chemical composition of different kinds of products.
Studies on floatability of maceral of bituminous coal of various coalification degrees.
Changes in the elements' affinity with either the organic or inorganic fraction may also occur during coalification (Christanis et al.
Coalification has occurred naturally as a process mitigating high concentrations of atmospheric C[O.
Because coalification of coals in question was quite different, this fact can mean that the supposed Al-complex is similar or the same both in bituminous and brown coal.
The significance of a thin coal within the open water facies association depends on its origin: given its discontinuous nature and lack of underlying roots, it likely represents organic material (vitrain) resulting from coalification of a transported lycopsid log rather than an in-situ histosol (peat).
Coalification includes low-temperature biogeochemical processes from burial of plants to coal formation [31].