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a military or political union or alliance.

(1) A temporary military-political alliance of two or several states, concluded for combined operations against some other state or group of states (for example, the anti-Hitler coalition).

(2) An agreement between two or several political parties. A coalition is most frequently established so that a government can be formed with a parliamentary majority of the parties (a coalition government). In bourgeois states with a multiparty system, the coalition is widely used if none of the parties has a majority in parliament.

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Christian Coalition Chairman Roberta Combs announced the appointment of Dr.
Interestingly, virtually all of the renovations that the coalition had complained about were already in place when it filed its appeal--including all the aforementioned changes.
The affiliate network of the Coalition will be effective if we can show, through our surveying and information gathering, that local communities are actively engaged in supporting and saving school music programs.
In designing Man2Man, the coalition felt that using adult male facilitators would expose participants to positive role models who would help them recognize the benefits of engaging in responsible behaviors and modify their responses to social pressures to engage in high-risk behaviors.
The League's influence and impact on the content of legislation is often behind the scenes--no, not in smoke-filled rooms, but rather at national conferences, coalition meetings, briefings with legislators or their staff and meetings with key decision makers.
That the prevailing conception of coalition politics has been masculinized is evident not only in its various enactments within the abovementioned activist movements but also in the ways in which coalition itself has been theorized in the West.
As coalition members band together in data networks, communication channels emerge, facilitating the exchange of best practices, market intelligence and benchmarking strategies, which, in turn, can drive continuous advancement for the entire group.
While the various domestic and sexual violence coalitions at the state level often have women of color caucuses, Jones and Shaw took the unique step of forming the Oklahoma Native American Coalition as its own independent organization that could address the specific needs of Indian tribes.
From a legal perspective, the FMS program is a peace-time program; however, beginning with Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the summer of 1990 and continuing to the more recent operations in Yugoslavia in the winter and spring of 1999, FMS has become a critical component of coalition defense operations, war-time planning, and logistics support.
The New Jersey Coalition for Affordable Housing and the Environment (CAHE) has had to be deliberate and careful about trust building from the start.
The coalition, however, doesn't apologize for its founder, Says executive director Barbara Hengestebeck, "Jim doesn't need the coalition to get his cases.

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