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a military or political union or alliance.

(1) A temporary military-political alliance of two or several states, concluded for combined operations against some other state or group of states (for example, the anti-Hitler coalition).

(2) An agreement between two or several political parties. A coalition is most frequently established so that a government can be formed with a parliamentary majority of the parties (a coalition government). In bourgeois states with a multiparty system, the coalition is widely used if none of the parties has a majority in parliament.

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16) Queer and coalitionist students at Monash University helped out with typesetting, design and layout, while committed tertiary students across the board helped distribute the book and defend the GTSG when it later came under attack.
A backdrop of political doubt (among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals) about the real value of coalitionist strategies, dovetails with differences about the descriptive terminology and theoretical models used to explain the prejudice and hostility that meet overt same-sex desire, non-heterosexual and queer identities.
In this case, (M) would require a coalitionist faced with a desertion proposal to consider both the ideological and the minimum-survivability consequences of his or her move to a new coalition, and leave only if a survivable coalition with a group of people with ideologies more harmonious with his own and equal individual payoffs, or a survivable coalition with a group of people having equally harmonious ideologies with the incumbent group, and higher individual payoffs, can be formed.
The onset of the Depression and a revival of both militant agrarianism and middle-class radicalism in various parts of the country during the 1930s decided this question in favour of the broader coalitionists.
Ironically, this is where the old Marxist left finds common ground with the issue-activist and coalitionist.
Both, maritimist and coalitionist, place themselves in the perspective of global hegemony.
This senatorial walkover was the pleasant upshot of a seat adjustment pact between the MQM and the PPP, which are, more often than not, at loggerheads despite being coalitionists in the provincial government of Sindh.
Plaid Cymru were stout coalitionists for four years, they with Labour voted for the policy.