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[′kȯrs ¦grānd]
Having a coarse texture.


1. See wide-ringed.

coarse-textured, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having an open, porous cell structure that usually requires filling to provide a smooth finish.

wide-ringed, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having wide annual rings, due to rapid growth; in softwood, usually weaker than narrow-ringed wood.
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This drilling will test the shallower of the modeled targets and the coarse-grained magnetite-bearing granite gneiss.
4 meters with 3% to 5%, locally 10-20%, of mixed coarse-grained pyrite with associated covellite.
0m Granite: fresh, mainly unaltered, and coarse-grained.
8 metres of kimberlite dominated by medium to coarse-grained olivine and visible indicator minerals including red and purple garnets.
This allows interactions between departments, business units, or with business partners to be defined in coarse-grained business terms, rather than in complex and brittle application interfaces.
The PGM reef-style mineralization is associated with a distinct layered coarse-grained plagioclose-rich cumulate phase of the Landsdowne Layered Complex located near the ultramafic interface.
Tifosi uses a coarse-grained component model that allows designers to develop services at a process level.
Recent geological mapping, prospecting and mechanical stripping has located the coarse-grained diatreme breccia in bedrock within 5 metres of the frost heaved boulder material.
In Australia, IMX operates and owns 51% of the Cairn Hill Mining Operation, located 55 kilometres south-east of Coober Pedy in South Australia, where it produces a premium coarse-grained magnetite-copper-gold DSO product at a rate of 1.
Design of low-power coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures.
The drilling programme is aimed at defining an Inferred Resource and testing of strike extensions of the prospective coarse-grained magnetite banded iron formation (BIF).