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The Norwegian Coastal Current (NCC) is located off the coast of Norway, and flows north through the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea.
These buoyant floc particles would ride west on the Alaska coastal current (see diagram on facing page) until they hit the sound's slow waters and settled.
But as snow melts in northern New England in spring, a fresher coastal current appears off Cape Cod.
If the iceberg stays around the Antarctic coast, it will melt slowly and will eventually add a lot of freshwater that stays in that coastal current, altering the density and affecting the speed of the current.
For the first time, through cooperation with Texas A&M University, the investigators will have almost immediate access to satellite imagery of Shelikof Strait, allowing them to locate accurately the position of the Alaska coastal current.
The East African Coastal Current, which normally funnels north through the Pemba Channel at this time of the year, bypassed Pemba Island all together.
In May 1994 when the Alaska Coastal Current flow was strong and to the southwest, larvae drifted southward but remained on the continental shelf.
Oceanographers from the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, and other scientists also mostly from Norway, summarize the current knowledge of the physical and chemical properties and dynamics of the Norwegian Coastal Current at a level accessible to non-specialists.
Analysis of the spatial distribution with respect to the coastal current showed a marked difference between early-stage larvae and more advanced stages for both species.
We know from our biologist colleagues that copepods enter into the Great South Channel mainly via the coastal current that flows along Cape Cod seashore and down into the channel.
Even today, he says, a seafloor feature about 100 km southwest of the berg-scoured region--a broad area called the Charleston Bump--can cause instabilities in the Gulf Stream that deflect the current offshore for a few weeks at a time, causing reversals in the coastal current.
They then carefully navigated the glider up onto the shallows and rode in the coastal current north, producing a 230 kilometre alongshore transect-line of date from Deep Glen Bay to the Bay of Fires.

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