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For 2 more years, the team tried tissues from various plants: lettuce, cocklebur, albino barley, and the like.
Velcro[R] came about because George de Mestral wondered why cockleburs stuck to his jacket after a walk.
Fortunately, unlike cockleburs, desmodium is relatively easy to comb out or scrape off.
But flop that same dog on his side and begin untangling cockleburs and you'd think you were performing open heart surgery on him with a can opener.
Compared to those fond memories, cockleburs are a minor irritation, but a persistent one.
I've had to stop in mid-hunt to relieve the dogs of the worst of the cockleburs, especially those in their armpits and crotch--no fun for dog or hunter alike.
Cockleburs are so endemic where I hunt that it's rare when a hunt doesn't result in a post-hunt bur-picking session.
Down through a brushy creek bottom, and out the other side to a field of corn stubble, I paused to pick the cockleburs off my whistle lanyard.