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, tropical tree (Theobroma cacao) of the family Sterculiaceae (sterculia family), native to South America, where it was first domesticated and was highly prized by the Aztecs. It has been extensively cultivated in the Old World since the Spanish conquest.
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city (1990 pop. 17,722), Brevard co., E Fla., on the Indian River (a lagoon), a segment of the Intracoastal Waterway; inc. 1895. It is a tourist and arts center in a region where citrus fruits are grown. An 8-mi (12.9 km) causeway leads from the city over Indian River to Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, and Cape Canaveral. Patrick Air Force Base is nearby.


, cacao
a. a light to moderate brown colour
b. (as adjective): cocoa paint


Apple's programming interface (API) for the Mac desktop and iOS mobile operating systems. Mac OS X applications and iOS applications are generally programmed in Apple's Xcode development environment using the Objective-C programming language. Cocoa provides the framework for the Mac, and Cocoa Touch is the version for mobile devices. See Xcode, Mac OS X, iOS, Classic Environment, Carbon and application framework.
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You can wolf down a chocolate bar in seconds, but cocoa beans are a labor-intensive crop that's difficult to grow.
These results in the modification of the phenolic content of the beans leading to the reduction in the bitterness and astringency of the cocoa beans as well as development of the typical brown cocoa bean colour [5].
While roasting, the shell of the cocoa bean separates from the bean kernel, the cracked beans are now called cocoa nibs and the shell removed before the nibs are then ground and heated to gradually liquefy the cocoa butter, before other ingredients can then be added.
The cocoa bean extract comprises epicatechin, catechin, procyanidin dimer B2, procyanidin dimer B5, procyanidin trimer, procyanidin tetramer, procyanidin pentamer, procyanidin hexamer, procyanidin heptamer, procyanidin octamer, procyanidin nonamer and brocyanidin decamer.
This is because many intermediaries are not actually knowledgeable with the process of cultivating and fermenting cocoa beans.
Political unrest in the Ivory Coast, where 40 per cent of the world's cocoa beans are grown, has 'significantly' depleted the number of certified fair trade cocoa farmers.
ENERGY RESOURCE-23 February 2010-Lindt Cocoa Bean Shells Electrify New Hampshire(C)2010 JeraOne - http://www.
The programme then exposed some cocoa bean plantations using child labour.
THE tree Theobroma caco produces the cocoa bean, but first let me tell you a bit about the history of chocolate.
e - do it now of he s c THE cocoa bean is similar to wine grapes - because it is naturally grown, and is susceptible to changes in weather and climate, so each year's crop is of a different quality (or "vintage").
Thanks to a collaboration between the state's largest utility and chocolate maker Lindt USA, Public Service of New Hampshire tested a new fuel mix in the boiler of its Portsmouth power station--a combination of coal and cocoa bean shells left over from the production of chocolate.