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He knew perfectly well that long ere the dawn of day his whole soul would be crying out for cake, squealing frantically for cocoa.
If you go now it's just possible that I may--but I forgot, you don't like cocoa.
Master Bean was discoursing easily on cocoa, the processes whereby it was manufactured, and the remarkable distances which natives of Mexico had covered with it as their only food.
Very likely, if the truth were known, there was somebody below who passed him up regular supplies of cake and cocoa.
The girl upstairs had broken his heart, ruined his life, and practically compared him to Roland Bean, and his pride should have built up an impassable wall between them, but--she had cake and cocoa.
He found among other items several tins of liquid cocoa containing explicit directions for opening that he followed with minute care.
The agendafeatures topics including the Dominican Republic's cocoa sector transformations, gender, trends in specialty cocoas, agroforestry, cocoa genetics, technological advances, Latin America's role in the global cocoa sector and more.
Chicago, IL, has introduced two new hot cocoas to satisfy consumers' need for something rich and creamy, while also providing a nutritional boost.
Drying the beans reduces the risk of mold and fungi, and preserves the cocoas desirable taste and aroma.
Norman Hollenberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, presented epidemiological findings that suggest flavanol-rich foods, such as specific cocoas, could provide an unexpectedly large benefit in the management of the two most common causes of death in today's world: cardiovascular disease and cancer.
The company manufactures a broad array of chocolate, cocoa powder and specialty coatings, including its Signature Line of chocolates and high-end alkalized cocoas, custom formulated to serve the confectionary, baking and dairy industries.
Based on these findings, the investigators concluded that (-)epicatechin is one of the active nutrients in certain cocoas exerting the observed vascular benefits.