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see pupapupa
, name for the third stage in the life of an insect that undergoes complete metamorphosis, i.e., develops from the egg through the larva and the pupa stages to the adult.
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the protective formation of the pupae of many insects. The cocoon is usually woven of silk thread secreted by the larva before pupation. Cocoons of this type are those of many butterflies that spin cocoons, moths, silkworms, and some ants, whose cocoons are mistakenly called ant eggs. Many beetle larvae, such as weevils of the genus Cionus, construct cocoons of mucus secreted at the time of pupation. In some insects, pupation occurs inside the casing in which the larva has lived, for example, the sac casings of bagworm moths. The pseudo-cocoons, or puparia, of many flies consist of the skins of the larvae left after molting.

Earthworms, leeches, spiders, and some mollusks form “egg cocoons,” inside which eggs develop.

What does it mean when you dream about a cocoon?

Cocoons represent a place of safety, healing, or transformation. Dreaming of a cocoon may be a response to a sense of feeling overburdened with life issues and the consequent longing for relief. Such a dream may indicate a place where the consciousness can restore and re-create new paths of expression, or perhaps the birth of a new aspect of the self.


(invertebrate zoology)
A protective case formed by the larvae of many insects, in which they pass the pupa stage.
Any of the various protective egg cases formed by invertebrates.


a. a silky protective envelope secreted by silkworms and certain other insect larvae, in which the pupae develop
b. a similar covering for the eggs of the spider, earthworm, etc.
2. a protective spray covering used as a seal on machinery
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