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Obsolete a legal code



a form of the book, consisting originally of sheets of parchment or papyrus, and since the late Middle Ages of paper, folded in half and sewn along the fold; groups of sheets were then fastened together on one side. The codex was first widely used in the eastern Roman provinces in the first centuries A.D., replacing tablets and scrolls, and about the sixth century A.D. it became the basic type of book. The adoption of the codex led to the development of binding and of the page and its decoration (page miniature, headpiece). Modern books retain the form of the codex.

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Codex precluded consumer advocates from participating in Codex Sessions prior to 1991.
If they are able to snag JECFA on their side, then they will also argue that Codex must not insult Codex and appear stupid for not following its own body's scientific risk assessment.
Acknowledged as the leading international fine press and artist book fair, CODEX, now in its 10th year, features exhibitors from 22 countries, among them Germany, the UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, China, Austria, Poland, Australia, Russia, and Japan.
The CODEX Fair and Symposium have become the locus for what Koch labels "a movement that strives to fulfill a renewed interest in physically-embodied art in an age of pixelated everything.
In this context, the Codex Secretariat seeks a firm or organization to conduct and analyze research on its behalf involving its global group of stakeholders, specifically:
Codex standards serve in many cases as a basis for national legislation, and provide the food safety benchmarks for international food trade.
20, the two organizations asks FDA to either meet the Codex standards for ractopamine or set "more health- and welfare-based standards.
The changes will have to be adopted by Parliament via changes in the country's Tax Procedure Codex and Penal Procedure Codex.
A table that represented the primary content of each codex by genre would also have been of interest to many users.
Taipei, July 6, 2012 (CENS) -- During its 35th annual meeting in Rome, Codex Alimentaruius Commission (CAC) resolved on July 5 to formulate maximum residue amount for ractopamine for domesticated animals.
Stephen Labaton's review of Matti Friedman's The Aleppo Codex in the May/June issue of Moment is good, but Labaton is obviously unaware--as Friedman was not--of the fascinating history of the Aleppo Codex in the four centuries before it came into the hands of the Aleppo Rabbinic Jews.
During his investigations, the focus of the research turned to the connections between the manuscript and a rumor about Martin Luther having possessed an ancient Germanic biblical codex and the role of that codex in Luther's translation of the New Testament Gospels.

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