coefficient of drag

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coefficient of drag (CD)

coefficient of drag (CD)
A coefficient dependent upon the angle of attack, shape of the airfoil, Reynolds number, and Mach number. Drag coefficient (CD) = Drag (D)/Dynamic Pressure (q) or {¼(Density (ρ) × Air Speed2 (V2)} x Wing Area (S). CD = D/qS, or 2D/ρV2S.
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The specific inter-vehicle distance of "long" will be described in detail later), the coefficient of drag [C.
The shape coefficient of drag for limpets is significantly correlated with the ratios of upstream-downstream shell length to upstream-downstream shell width and upstream-downstream shell length to shell height (Fig.
28 coefficient of drag, the result of extensive aerodynamic features.
The model features a model-specific front air dam, side skirts borrowed from the sporty Abarth, and a range of subtle aerodynamics optimising changes that help trim the coefficient of drag from .
25 coefficient of drag, which would make the car very efficient aerodynamically.
D] = coefficient of drag, and S = projected area of the disk.
It will be fuel-efficient, yet powerful, have a low coefficient of drag, increased ground clearance and a low center of gravity.
While this isn't a wind tunnel, it is certainly representative enough to note that the 2017 Elantra has a coefficient of drag of 0.
With high style and an even higher coefficient of drag, the Cube seems to have what it takes to captivate the living-in-the-parentsAAE-basement set.
By definition, then, the A2 was to be an efficient and roomy small car, with lightweight construction and a low coefficient of drag (Cd).
I compare the coefficient of drag calculated this way to two, different expressions for the coefficient of drag ([C.

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