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On October 17, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) video inspection observed small, intermittent drops of oil coming from an opening at the top and another on one side of the cofferdam.
In Figure 5b, the cofferdam is part of an embankment levee that protects a heavily populated low-lying area.
The shipwreck site is the first in the hemisphere to use a cofferdam -- a watertight structure designed to keep liquid out of an enclosed area -- in deep waters.
The company also wants to build and repair the quays, create a cofferdam and dock gates and fit railway track.
The application also includes the construction and refurbishment of quays, the construction of a cofferdam and new dock gates and the installation of a railway track.
Lot 1: Kreuzungsbauerk consisting of earthworks free series, underpass, flying junction (rail), cofferdam (21 100 mA excavation, 37 400 mA backfilling, 8 000 mA of concrete and 1550 t reinforcing, 1900 mA shoring).
Invitation to tender: design of temporary cofferdam for the purposes of charging and discharging and cleaning the interior of the feed channel varazdin hpp
Last month, Able UK confirmed it had applied to the council for permission to build a cofferdam at its Graythorp yard.
An application has been made by the company to open a cofferdam at the Graythorp site where the ships would be dismantled.
Mike Childs, campaigns director at Friends of the Earth, said: "The proposal to build a cofferdam in a site of special scientific interest, next to an internationally important wild bird site, must have the most rigorous environmental assessment.
A temporary cofferdam will need to be used in order to construct the insitu concrete weir and a galvanised steel walkway will be installed over the weir in order to give access.
The north and south pylon foundations were completed in early August 2015 and the concrete pour for the central cofferdam foundations will take place in autumn 2015.