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1. an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, etc.
2. a watertight box or chamber
a. short for cofferdam
b. a recessed panel in a concrete, metal, or timber soffit


A recessed box-like panel in a ceiling or vault, usually square, but often octagonal or lozenge-shaped, sometimes dressed with simple moldings or elaborately ornamented.

coffer, lacunar

1.One panel in coffering.
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Only the excess from the National Lottery is paid into the State coffers, and last year more than EUR160million was donated towards good causes such as Gael Linn, the Irish Cancer Society and the Polio Fellowship.
A 10 cent rise in a litre of petrol would also bring a further EUR210million into the state coffers.
The staff who misused the funds as well as those in supervisory positions since 1995, including some 500 of those who have since left the ministry, are to pay back the money so that the entire amount plus interest will be returned to state coffers by next March.
Every penny that goes into their coffers is taking a piece out of somebody's life 500 miles away.
Supervisors attributed the county's strong fiscal position to higher property tax revenues and initiatives that prevent the state from dipping into county coffers.
But if more motorists use public transport they will buy less petrol, meaning less money for the Government coffers.
What most people refer to as old English chests are actually called coffers and some of the earliest examples date back to medieval times.
The sale was projected to generate $250 million for city coffers.
Even more dollars, in the form of earthquake aid, were pumped into goverment coffers in January.
This is because cabinet members have agreed to pay half their bonuses into government coffers due to the prolonged economic slump.
O'Connor, he noted, made it clear that no federal Title One funds ever reach the coffers of religious schools.
At the same time, coffers improve acoustics, conceal smoke detectors and illuminated with artifice possess sculptural delight.