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1. an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, etc.
2. a watertight box or chamber
a. short for cofferdam
b. a recessed panel in a concrete, metal, or timber soffit


A recessed box-like panel in a ceiling or vault, usually square, but often octagonal or lozenge-shaped, sometimes dressed with simple moldings or elaborately ornamented.

coffer, lacunar

1.One panel in coffering.
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It is time that he passes of the benefit of 50 per cent reduction in international prices of crude oil to the common person and government stops looting people to fill up its coffers," he added.
The goal was consistency in finish and color, top to bottom, and along the base of the coffers.
The money we are getting from the Arsenal games will go straight into the coffers and help us continue to improve the club.
At a news conference on Wednesday, Hirano said 60 million yen had been withdrawn from state coffers every month through the end of February -- a total of 360 million yen -- since the launch of the Hatoyama government.
CUNA's Credit Union Legislative Affairs Council had $708,714 in its coffers, according to a report filed in mid-September, which contains data through August.
The central bank originally planned to contribute TWD180bn to the national coffers this year, but raised the amount by TWD33bn.
One has to look at the references to this series of coffers in 18th-century sales and inventories carefully, remembering that the San Donato coffers were only paired up at the end of the 18th century (hence the modifications to one of the bases) and that the three Blenheim and Getty coffers each had separate destinies during the course of the 18th century.
When business rates are applied to these properties the councils coffers will be overflowing and they will then reduce the overall business rate which will assist those businessses employing staff and keeping the economy moving.
7m, and we are informed by Rhodri Glyn Thomas that "the debt will be written-off with unspent funds in its coffers and the rescue would not be at the expense of other art projects.
This year hundreds of adults (and children) gathered together in a spectacular location to shoot clays, bought nearly pounds 2,000 worth of raffle tickets, swelling the coffers to over pounds 30,000.
We can't be sure if it's a love of tax cuts or a distaste for Nancy Pelosi that keep Parsons and Boyias stuffing RNC coffers, but their simply being Republican is not enough to classify either as a homophobe or a hypocrite.
Auto dealerships generate $6 million in sales tax revenue for the city's coffers.