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As we found in the case of Humanae vitue, so many theologians have found the argumentation of Inter insigniores to be problematic that demonstrating its lack of cogency to a wide segment of their number becomes a redundant task.
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2 is one of his darkest pieces, the familiar fingerprints giving it not only an inner cogency but also reaching out to his other works.
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There is no particular effort here to do the work of the historian of religious thought by tracing any actual or likely influences of one religion or thinker upon another; rather, Steinkraus concentrates on the work of the philosopher of religion by seeking a better understanding of the cogency of the arguments offered as well as a deeper comprehension of the relation of faith and reason.
In arguments that never lose their cogency - remarkable for a book of such size and detail - Professor Shepherd places a forgotten group in its rightful place close to the center of Taiwan's history, and at the same time opens up important new perspectives on how policy was formed and implemented in China's expanding eighteenth-century empire.
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Glazunov's score also combines elements of the oriental and of Russian Orthodox hymnody, everything delivered in a score of great symphonic cogency, and this rewarding reading is completed with a vivid account of his picturesque ScAnes de Ballet.
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Before developing the environmental implications of his theory, Scriven examines rival environmental ethics for their cogency and usefulness.
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