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For his part, the Director General of Investment Attraction Department of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority Imad Al-Abdul Qader provided a presentation about investment environment in the Kingdom, saying that the Authority's priorities concentrate on the work to achieve a quantum leap in the investment environment, and direct quantitative investments to provide competitive sectors to accomplish a direct economic impact on the development movement, explaining that the united investment plan adopted by the Authority aims to create an integrated and coherent system for the development of investment sectors, and work on practicing investment in an easier and more competitive way.
The system consists of a Debug Unit with dedicated memory and a register (ring) bus which connects the cores and global subsystems of a coherent system.
However, coherently interconnecting separate chips is challenging due to the fragility of these quantum states and the demanding challenges of transmitting photons in at least two media within a single coherent system.
The programme aims to reinforce and enhance the role of social workers in building a complete and coherent system of values of belonging and national identity for students through workshops.
Alaa Ensheiwat said that the "Bank Pro" platform aimed to develop the internal working system of banks in order to upgrade and modernize it further through an integrated and coherent system of electronic procedures.
PEF has designed and implemented a coherent system for its 4000 partnering schools so that they could give quality education to the 1.
Qamar said that PEF had designed and implemented a coherent system for its 4,000 partnering schools enabling these to impart quality education to 1.
PEF has designed and implemented a coherent system for its four thousand partnering schools so that they could give quality education to the 16 lakh students.
But we do need to look at how we can have a coherent system.
In a plea to provide better help for non-academic students, the report says government educational reforms since 2010 had "failed to provide a coherent system of education and training with sufficient learning options for individuals not wanting to follow traditional academic pathways".
s demonstration that the three works mentioned above are a coherent system of thought, founded on the same philosophical bases and the same consistent methodological principles.
He explained: "The food industry is not currently working in a joined up way--there are plenty of processes and procedures but no coherent system.