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(formerly in England) the white cap worn by a serjeant at law


Fortran with interactive graphic extensions for circuit design, on UNIVAC 1108.

["An Interactive Software System for Computer-Aided Design: An Application to Circuit Projects", CACM 9(13), Sep 1970].
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I glance across the lane at the matronly women, including the elegantly coiffed one whose head never goes under the water.
But he's got the look: coiffed blonde hair, deep-set, earnest eyes, even a slight cleft to his chin.
With stock prices gyrating teasingly; religious figures being defrocked; questionably coiffed politicians stripped of their authority, and cable TV founders caught with their corporate longjohns down, the time is right.
Crowding out Rush Limbaugh as radio's most popular and bombastic personality, this beautifully coiffed barracuda of the air waves reaches nearly 20 million listeners on more than 400 stations and has sold more than 3 million copies of titles like Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives and Parenthood by Proxy: Don't Have Them If You Won't Raise Them.
The deadpan Popular Song, with Illya Kozadayev and Kubo, was a standout; both Wehner and Michelle Dolighan did well with the Polka--hard to imagine that the immaculately coiffed Alicia Markova did it originally.
They are elaborately coiffed and costumed figures made from brilliantly printed papier mache.
Had he not been at Mass and communion every morning, he would not have had the strength to be cheerful with his clients and be attentive to their "confessions" as he coiffed them.
I recall a handsome Englishwoman whose white hair was coiffed in the lacquered style favored by 1930s movie stars.
He recalls attending a gathering of some 200 gay and lesbian Republicans in suburban Washington, "all well dressed, well coiffed.
whatever you think of Wednesday's Budget you have to admit that the transformation of the Chancellor from badly coiffed dough boy to really quite a hottie is a most impressive achievement.
MRS Thatcher's diary shows how much care she took with her coiffed blonde locks - in 1984 she had 118 hair appointments.
ENGLAND SEPT 23: The Nidderdale Show in North Yorkshire has coiffed cows, oversized vegetables and horse-riding competitions, all rounded off with scrummy local food.