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(formerly in England) the white cap worn by a serjeant at law


Fortran with interactive graphic extensions for circuit design, on UNIVAC 1108.

["An Interactive Software System for Computer-Aided Design: An Application to Circuit Projects", CACM 9(13), Sep 1970].
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Forget, also, the lonely long distance lorry drivers and replace them, instead, with groups of businessmen and women discussing high-powered deals while coiffing wine under the soft lights that illuminated their round table.
AMERICANS often have a grossed-out attitude to animals, dressing them up, coiffing them and generally acting like no-brainers.
Next came Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and What Not to Wear, hit series that had the fashion police remaking folks by cleaning out closets, coiffing hair, and giving facials.
It's the best investment I ever made," he said while coiffing the locks of a client.
When Heffernan titles a work Self-Portrait as Infanta Underwater (all works 1999), she pretty much means it, coiffing her hair like some Velazquez princess, standing nude and half submerged in a transparent pool set into a dark wood, awash with floating apples and aqueous undergrowth.