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(formerly in England) the white cap worn by a serjeant at law


Fortran with interactive graphic extensions for circuit design, on UNIVAC 1108.

["An Interactive Software System for Computer-Aided Design: An Application to Circuit Projects", CACM 9(13), Sep 1970].
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The Pittwater to Coifs Harbour ocean race gets underway on 2 January 2009 at noon with the start in the heart of Broken Bay and the finish inside Coifs Harbour.
It was a remarkable effort on the part of Bob Oatley, Richards and the nucleus of the Wild Oats XI team to be on the start line for the Coifs race.
Taylor spends too much ink on peoples' looks, coifs and wardrobes and such other mundane issues as shopping expeditions for the Inaugural Ball.
7 Le Billet has defended her IRC series crown by winning the 27th Pittwater and Coifs Harbour Offshore Series despite severe weather lashing the mid north coast of NSW and forcing the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's (RPAYC) series organisers to change course and host the event from Pittwater for the the first time in the event's 27 years.
Later, the actresses are together, decked out in wigs mimicking their characters' celebrated coifs (though there's a fear that Jones' Lynette wig isn't frazzled-looking enough).