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The same goes for the underside of a cold cellar ceiling.
And then I went downstairs into our lovely cold cellar to cool down.
At his estate, which he had so recently purchased with the gifts of corrupt admirers, he put the bird's swollen corpse down in his cold cellar and went happily to bed.
Over the last year, the couple has been constructing the production building which will house their wine-making and bottling equipment, a small tasting area, a kitchen/laboratory area, and a cold cellar for storage.
But his wine picked between September 21 and the first week of October (late by recent standards, if not by those of previous generations) is so appealing that I can't imagine that anyone will leave it lingering, unloved, in a cold cellar for more than a few years.
And in my head I carried the horrific vision of mum, bloodied, battered and dumped in a cold cellar.
In this case, having a large cold cellar is a must.
One of the best methods of storing your season's harvest is to use an energy-free cold cellar.
If you are lucky enough to be given this spectacular bird fresh from the hills in full plumage, then the hanging time in a cold cellar should be around four to six days.
These include a faint figure spotted in an upstairs window and strange shadows darting across the cold cellar.
And according to marketing director Kurt Johnson, the combination of a cold cellar and virtually no racking means that their Pinot Noir naturally arrives at bottling time with a slight petillance; on occasion, in fact, writers have speculated that the Beaus Freres wines were undergoing malolactic in the bottle, which they weren't.