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1. cream sherry a full-bodied sweet sherry
a. a yellowish-white colour
b. (as adjective): cream wallpaper



a dairy product with a high fat content, obtained by separating whole milk into cream and skim milk. Before the invention of the cream separator, cream was obtained by allowing milk to stand between 12 and 24 hours and removing or pouring off the cream that had formed. Dairies produce cream with fat contents of 10,20, and 35 percent (see Table 1).

Table 1. Chemical composition (in percentages) and caloric value of different types of cream
*1 calorie = 4.19 kilojoules
Fat .......................102035
Protein .....................
Lactose ....................
Calories* per 100g .............117.3213.1334.5

In addition to table cream, condensed and powdered cream are also produced. Most cream is made into butter. Cream is also used in the manufacture of sour cream and ice cream.

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Decades ago, our grandmothers relied on Ponds cold cream, coconut oil and Yardley's talcum powder.
This product boasts a rich, creamy texture that protects skin even on harsh winter days, so imagine the soothing effects of Weleda Cold Cream on hands that have been digging in the garden for half of the day.
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He has endorsed everything from a premium suit brand, India's largest selling auto brand, cement, cold cream, chocolates, to hair oil.
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Sales of Pond's Cold Cream rocketed by 120 per cent after it was allegedly said that Minogue uses the beauty cream daily on the advice of her mother.
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it's a classic beauty product that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations, Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser.
Super-fatted soaps have extra amounts of fatty substances--cocoa butter, coconut oil, cold cream, or lanolin.
Trapped by his "wanderlust nervousness," "the desperation of trying to give shape to obsession," the man in the cellar picks his way among bric-a-brac, tinsel detritus: glass beads, bent bobbypins, old coins, a shred of pink silk, used jar of cold cream, the electrolite lipstick case of Hedy Lamarr, colored adverts for Goldschmidt's fabulous Mexican midgets & dancing bears, DeMedici's slot machine girl, three Milky Way wrappers & a fading snapshot of the Divine Dietrich hailing a cab outside the Apollo--all the flotsam & jetsam of our lives saved in a cigar box, American Perfecto.