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This really worked and was much nicer than your average cold wrap.
This year the company is adding a mid-size version of its top-selling ThermiPaq Hot & Cold Wrap, designed for use on the back, neck and shoulders.
A cold wrap is indicated to patients suffering from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal disease or hyperthyroidism.
a converter in Minneapolis, MN, USA, worked on a temperature-buffering label called the Cold Wrap with Outlast Technologies Inc.
For bottle lovers, the brewer introduced the Coors Light Cold Wrap Bottle, also in May.
Salon treatments: The Frigi Thalgo, pounds 40 or pounds 200 for six, is a cold wrap treatment designed to eliminate excess fluid from hips and thighs and pep up circulation.
Velforms new Cold Wrap Treatment offers a range of salon benefits to firm and shape your thighs in the comfort of your own home, and is excellent for alleviating cellulite.
Coors Light's Stay Cold Glassware and Cold Wrap Bottles are currently being rolled out across the country and will guarantee consumers Rocky Mountain cold refreshment in bars and restaurants this summer.
Limited Tenders are invited for Carrying Out Wrapping Coating On Product Pipelines Suing Cold Wrap Material
On the product front, Thermionics is expanding its retail offerings in 2011 with the introduction of a mid-size version of its top-selling ThermiPaq Hot & Cold Wrap.
New in stores is BandAid Brand Cold Wrap, a cloth and Velcro wrap you can use to hold an ice pack over a bruised, strained or sprained knee or elbow.
Paul, MN, USA, have introduced a temperature-buffering label that they call the Cold Wrap.