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any of various plants of the genus Brassica, such as the cabbage and rape


Nat 'King', real name Nathaniel Adams Cole. 1917--65, US popular singer and jazz pianist
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For hours, Cole would sit in his wheelchair in his room watching pirate movies on TV and practicing karate moves to help the good guys win, says his mother, Michelle Massie.
Cole laid on his stomach atop the roof of the car, and waited for it to warm against his skin.
The timeless design of the Genevieve Collection lives at the intersection of craft and innovation," said David Maddocks, Chief Marketing Officer & GM of Business Development at Cole Haan.
According to TMZ, executives at Fox eventually decided that Cole's accent would be too hard for the average American to decipher, and Cole was let go from "X Factor" before it aired in the U.
While England sources insist no decision has yet been taken over any Three Lions sanction for Cole, they have been unimpressed with Cole's angry response to the findings of the Independent Regulatory Commission which accused him of "evolving" his statement backing John Terry.
The buck was huge, and Cole knew it was the buck he had hunted for two years--a bruiser he nicknamed "Heartbreaker.
Kenneth Cole Productions paid $24 million for the property on the northwest corner of 50th Street and Eleventh Avenue.
KING OF THE ROAD 2005 TEAM ZERO BACK-TO-BACK 2x KOTR CHAMPS FINAL POINT TOTALS Zero 4,180 Habitat 3,470 Flip 3,460 Element 2,680 MVP:Chris Cole 1,660
So, in the arid deserts that surround the Grand Canyon, Cole and Samantha Arundel of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff have turned to pack rats' fossilized collections, or middens.
Cole, of Katherine Street, Ashington, admitted a charge of assault, two charges of possessing cannabis, one of being drunk and disorderly and failing to surrender to bail.
At least she thought so until her uncle spilled the beans that Cole was an ex-Marine Recon.
Cole received the Thomas Jefferson Center's William J.

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