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The first leaf of a monocotyledon seedling.



the first leaf of cereal grasses, which has no blade and consists of a closed tubule. It is colorless, green, or reddish. The coleoptile encloses and protects the young sprout, the plumule, and the growing point of the stem. It penetrates the soil with its hard apex, which then ruptures; causing the grain to sprout. A new leaf emerges from the top of the coleoptile. The coleoptile, which subsequently dries up, apparently is the middle part of the cotyledon.

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of water during the shortening of the coleoptile cells and is not
Both straight growth and curvature of oat coleoptiles are used as bioassays for auxin).
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IAA accelerates growth on the dark side of the coleoptile, while growth proceeds normally on the illuminated side.
The gravitropically induced lateral transport of auxin was followed by measuring the asymmetry of radioactively labeled auxin fed to the coleoptile tip.
When a rice seed germinates, plant parts called the mesocotyl and coleoptile are the first to push forth.
For creating drought stress genotypes were grown on PEG-6000 solution and the traits like root length (RL) shoot length (SL) and coleoptiles length (CL) were recorded 10 days after sowing.
Therefore, the 42 genotypes studied, and study the properties of the primary root length and coleoptiles; average over the initial seven genotypes coleoptiles and roots under drought stress treatments in vitro and potassium Humate (polyethylene glycol 6000) studied placed.
A large body of evidence supported this hypothesis in shoot coleoptiles or expanding leaves (Kotake et al.
Abnormal seedlings showed short roots and/or short thicker coleoptiles.