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8) See Plate 147: [Topa Amaro Inga] "conquered and killed and put out the eyes of his enemies, the principal Colla Suyo indians".
In adopting the name Fionn Mac Colla, Macdonald is remaking himself as he seeks to make Scotland anew by looking to the nation's forgotten Celtic past.
Pero, cuando Celina se refirio a Evo como "un colla mas", ella alude despectivamente a los 'colonos' de las culturas del altiplano que se han asentado en la region y los alrededores de Rurrenabaque.
Coca Colla is an initiative of campesinos of the Organización Social para la Industrialización de la Coca (Ospicoca).
Dad-of-two Shaun Colla, locked up at Winchester Prison, Hants, collected pounds 295.
In the case of another female patron, Ekserdjian refutes an old tradition that identifies Briseide Colla as a widow and notes that the chapel for which she commissioned the Madonna of Saint Jerome belonged to her husband, a significant correction that nonetheless raises still further questions about uxorial patronage.
accesi Di qual ira non so l'un l'altro insieme Gli uomini, ch'io formai, chi colla frode, Chi colla forza le sostanze altrui Rapir, tessere aguati, accender risse, E indegnamente guerreggiar fra loro, Quasi emulando degli Dei le pugne, Onde il Ciel conturbaro i Padri nostri.
The client's CPU is now part of the cloud as they are an important part of the work, such as rendering 3D graphs and video decoding," said Mario Colla, CEO of Gproxy Design.
Kit Kat , based on the novel The Heron by Ibrahim Aslan, available in translation by Elliott Colla.
htm) reported that rescue officials pulled out 40 workers from the debris whileAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA officials arrested several people in connection to the colla The cause of the accident is being investigated, the (http://bigstory.