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a machine that puts together packages of punch cards from two presorted sets and chooses punch cards from stacks according to assigned codes. The collator is one of the pieces of equipment used to mechanize accounting.

A collator usually has two tracks, which include card-feeding devices, monitoring equipment, and two receiving pockets. The selected cards are arranged separately in a third pocket, which is common to both tracks. The information read from the punch cards goes to registers, which store and compare it; there are two registers per track. In addition to processing punch cards from different stacks, a collator can also compare the characteristics of two cards following one after another in the same stack. The collators produced in the USSR process 80-column punch cards at a speed of 300–400 cards a minute; they can be modified to process 45-column cards as well.


Vinokurov, P. S. Mashiny raskladochno-podborochnye i sortiroval’nye: RPM80-2M, RPM80-2MS, SE80-3. Moscow, 1972.


(1) A punch card machine that merges two decks of cards into one or more stacks.

(2) A utility program that merges records from two or more files into one file.
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Approaching 12-months since introducing the first Collator System, Fraser Tait concluded: "We are delighted with Pacepacker's Collator solution.
The input into the collator can be structured or unstructured data that is garnered by the reader.
We use collators for our Sunday package because they can handle more preprints than most other insert equipment.
An animation shown at Nexpo shows what's next in the product pipeline for next year: a fully automated SE6000 (60,000 cph) collator.
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In the summer of 1971, during my student holidays, I worked at the BBC as a Trainee Collator in a little building called Threshold House.
Osman is a poetic collator, a creative editor of historical documents.
Bob Gilling, secretary of the Breeders Forum who helped present the trophies with Sue Warren, event organiser and collator of entries from litter stage onwards, said: "I'm delighted for Dave, he has a fantastic operation up there in Melton Mowbray and deserves nights like these.
A retired RUC collator earlier contradicted the evidence of an Assistant Chief Commissioner who said he ordered two men not to cross the border days before they were killed in an IRA ambush.
Whitney was a collator at Worcester County Newspaper and previously worked at Worcester Envelope.
Ann Bukantas, the Walker Art Gallery's curator of fine art and a former organiser of the exhibition, jury member and collator of its history, explains why.