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a machine that puts together packages of punch cards from two presorted sets and chooses punch cards from stacks according to assigned codes. The collator is one of the pieces of equipment used to mechanize accounting.

A collator usually has two tracks, which include card-feeding devices, monitoring equipment, and two receiving pockets. The selected cards are arranged separately in a third pocket, which is common to both tracks. The information read from the punch cards goes to registers, which store and compare it; there are two registers per track. In addition to processing punch cards from different stacks, a collator can also compare the characteristics of two cards following one after another in the same stack. The collators produced in the USSR process 80-column punch cards at a speed of 300–400 cards a minute; they can be modified to process 45-column cards as well.


Vinokurov, P. S. Mashiny raskladochno-podborochnye i sortiroval’nye: RPM80-2M, RPM80-2MS, SE80-3. Moscow, 1972.


(1) A punch card machine that merges two decks of cards into one or more stacks.

(2) A utility program that merges records from two or more files into one file.
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Pacepacker's original Collator System was designed and built specifically for The Co-op.
collator and annotator, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (ECHU), 1689 Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1959.
ONE SUNDAY IN 1968, the Washington wing of the Liberation News Service stole a bunch of money, a $400,000 printing press and collator, an addressograph, some office furniture, and every copy of the organization's mailing list from the New York wing of the Liberation News Service, hauling the loot out to a farm in Massachusetts.
The collator autonomous agent is based on an unsupervised learning semantic engine and the analyzer is based on functional data analysis.
In the final series, when Warner was 80, George Dixon was shown as retired from the police and being re-employed as a civilian collator.
Instead, as the sense grew of the appropriateness of this as a time for all members of the current Editorial Board to speak, I undertook to act as collator rather than primary author.
The Sharp pun in the title is the celebrated Victorian song-collector and folklorist, Cecil Sharp, who is the pre-eminent collator of British folk song.
The fall in the number of deals can in part be attributed to the lack of available debt to finance traditionally highly leveraged infrastructure deals," said Richard Stus, the sector analysts at private equity data collator Preqin.
The Rifle Bullet Feeder will fit on most 7/8"-14 threaded progressive presses, and features a four-country universal 110-240 power supply-operated collator unit.
RCBS's Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit is designed to fit on most 7/8"-14 threaded progressive presses and features a 110VAC-operated collator unit that orients the bullets to drop into the feed mechanism.
Nearly a decade later, Edward Berger of the Institute of Jazz Studies reviewed Lord's CD-ROM and wrote, "Overall, one gets the impression that Lord is more a collator than a researcher.