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1. a person employed to collect debts, rents, etc.
2. the head of a district administration in India
3. a person who collects or amasses objects as a hobby
4. Electronics the region in a transistor into which charge carriers flow from the base



in agricultural irrigation, a drainage pipe or canal that receives water from the regulating part of an irrigation network (drainage gutters) and sends it out of the area being drained.


A semiconductive region through which a primary flow of charge carriers leaves the base of a transistor; the electrode or terminal connected to this region is also called the collector.
An electrode that collects electrons or ions which have completed their functions within an electron tube; a collector receives electrons after they have done useful work, whereas an anode receives electrons whose useful work is to be done outside the tube. Also known as electron collector.
A class of instruments employed to determine the electric potential at a point in the atmosphere, and ultimately the atmospheric electric field; all collectors consist of some device for rapidly bringing a conductor to the same potential as the air immediately surrounding it, plus some form of electrometer for measuring the difference in potential between the equilibrated collector and the earth itself; collectors differ widely in their speed of response to atmospheric potential changes.

solar collector

A device designed to absorb radiation from the sun and transfer this energy to a fluid which passes through the collector.


accumulatorclick for a larger image
accumulatorclick for a larger image
i. A reservoir that supplies fluid under pressure, when desired. In a typical hydraulic system, it consists of a steel cylinder closed at one end and connected to the pressure line at the other, as well as a floating piston. The piston separates hydraulic fluid from compressed nitrogen/air. Hydraulic fluid under pressure can be stored in the system. The accumulator reduces the pump's peak demands, dampens the pressure ripple, and acts as a reserve of fluid and an emergency power source.
ii. A device sometimes incorporated into the fuel system of a gas turbine engine to store and release fuel under pressure as an aid in starting. Also called a collector.
iii. A device for storing fuel in a fuel tank for inverted flying.
iv. In pneumatic and oxygen systems, the reservoir where compressed air or oxygen is stored.
v. An electrical storage battery that can be recharged.


One side of a bipolar transistor. When the base is pulsed, current flows from the emitter to the collector, or vice versa depending on the design. See drain.
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Love him," I think, my dear,' said the collector, firmly.
That I am sure I shall' replied the collector, glancing at the punch-mixer.
American Collectors Insurance has been insuring collector cars and other collectibles for over 40 years.
Approved collectors of covered electronic waste (OEW) under California's Electronic Waste and Recycling Act of 2003 must maintain a log that includes a written description of collection activities or events and lists of consumers and other collectors who have transferred CEWs to the collector.
The moment the Soviet Union fell, the world plunged into ethnocentricity," says George Ortiz, a celebrated collector of classical and Middle Eastern antiquities.
That might be true for a dealer or collector, but try telling that to an artist--or a mechanic.
Cabrera recommends reading publications such as Antique Doll Collector magazine and attending craft shows, which have stringent guidelines for doll submissions.
As the collector car market expands, so does the definition of what constitutes a classic car.
For the foundry applications where the control device is a bag or cartridge collector, this is not a viable option.
The Dowlings moved to dismiss the petition claiming that the landlord violated FDCPA by serving the rent demand and the petition, both of which instruments, although signed by the landlord, were prepared by the attorney for the landlord, but they did not contain the validation notice required of a debt collector by FDCPA.
These wounds can't compare, however, to the tribulations the dinosaur has suffered since fossil collectors first dug it up in August 1990 on land owned by a South Dakota rancher named Maurice Williams.
Fortunately, the collector discovered his stamp's absence before the vacuum cleaner's bag was emptied, and there the stamp was found, considerably the worse for wear.