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Other problems have included improper collimation, no purging and incorrect zero diopter settings and infinity focus.
2 [micro]Gy per image for group A; the protocol included collimation.
We performed thoracic high-resolution computed axial tomography (HRCT), using 7 mm helical technique after intravenous contrast administration followed by high-resolution imaging, using 1 mm collimation every 1 cm from lung apex to base (Figure 1B-D).
Lens and prism coating refinements, focus calibration improvements, extremely precise collimation specifications, user-friendly eyecups and objective lens covers create the ultimate in binocular technology.
They include better collimation for cleaner signal and better cooling for extended life.
RVA's improved resolution is enabled by Hologic's exclusive use of OnePass Fanbeam Technology and radiographic standards such as variable collimation plus single-energy imaging.
PolyLED lamps are solid-state light sources that provide the high reliability and light collimation associated with leaded discrete LEDs.
These include improving the tracking speed to 10 degrees/second, the automatic collimation area to +/- 5 degrees, the distance measuring range to 7,200 feet to a single prism and the tilt compensating range to +/-4 feet.
TAS electronics provide automatic boresighting for these components, eliminating both tactical collimation and 180-day verification requirements.
Noting that jets are common in objects ranging from newborn stars to galactic cores, the new find "may well prove to be a Rosetta stone for understanding the launch and collimation of stellar jets," he says.
Super-Water users say it also reduces hydraulic drag in the system and causes tighter collimation (focusing) of the water stream (as shown in the accompanying photo).
Careful internal collimation reduces the dose uptake to the food to less than 5 millisieverts, a level 100 times less than the W.