collision avoidance system

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collision avoidance system

(1) See adaptive cruise control, semiautonomous vehicle and autonomous vehicle.

(2) An in-vehicle safety system that applies the brakes when it detects a possible forward collision. Based on the current driving speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead (determined by radar), a collision avoidance system warns the driver first and intervenes if no human action is taken. Advanced systems can apply the brakes when heading into an oncoming car while turning the corner.

Collision Avoidance in Reverse
When backing up, a "cross traffic alert" system warns the driver that a car is moving into the path. Advanced systems can also detect pedestrians and cyclists as well as apply the brakes. See automotive safety systems.
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The report describes market dynamics that include key drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities with respect to the collision avoidance system market and forecasts the same till 2020.
6 Industry Trends 7 Automotive Collision Avoidance System Market 8 Airborne Collision Avoidance System Market 9 Rail Collision Avoidance System Market 10 Marine Collision Avoidance System Market 11 Construction & Mining Collision Avoidance System Market 12 Collision Avoidance System Market, By Region 13 Competitive Landscape14 Company Profiles
Volvo Car Corporation (Volvo), a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company (Ford) (NYSE: F), is equipping its collision avoidance system in the new S60 sedan.
When the collision avoidance system went off, the captain of the BA flight took immediate evasive action.
The collision avoidance system market is application driven; the application in the automotive sector accounted for the largest share in 2014
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) developed a new collision avoidance system for ships, named Hyundai intelligent collision avoidance support system (HiCASS).
The commitment to implement a collision avoidance system for Tornado GR4s was given in the MOD's 1998 strategic defence and security review, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.
Kawasaki (TYO: 7012), a Japan-based automaker, is equipping its new 1400 GTR with an infra-red collision avoidance system.
The ANA aircraft's collision avoidance system went off, showing an aircraft 100 feet below it at an altitude of about 1,000 feet as it was preparing to land at Hachijojima airport.
The plane, which had 102 people on board and was flying from Newcastle to Heathrow, was alerted to the presence of military aircraft by its collision avoidance system as it flew over Bishop Auckland.
Called the Automatic Air Collision Avoidance System, or Auto ACAS for short, the system under development is described as ``see-and-avoid.
is being awarded a $6,999,962 modification to previously awarded firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract (N00019-00-D-0272) for the procurement of 18 flight safety upgrade kits for the C-12 aircraft to include traffic alert and collision avoidance system, enhanced ground proximity warning system, weather radar and radar altimeter system kits.

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