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an academic seminar



(1) One of the forms of study in the educational system, having as its goal the clarification and augmentation of the student’s knowledge. Students in a colloquium discuss the individual parts, divisions, themes, and problems of the course being studied (material usually not included in the subject matter of seminars and other practical forms of study) and the participants’ papers, projects, and other assignments.

(2) Scientific gatherings at which papers are heard and discussed.

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UK's Entrepreneurship Colloquia Series is sponsored by UK iNet, a new university-wide, interdisciplinary academic initiative which is part of the college of Communications & Information Studies.
While the above conferences focus predominantly on women writers and the literary and para-literary genres they practiced, such as memoirs, letters, translations, and polemical and political pamphlets, the colloquia whose proceedings are contained in Royaume de femynie.
The proceedings of these colloquia are published by ASIC and provide full tests of all of the contributions.
An important factor in that achievement has been a series of annual colloquia, the first in 1989, which for several years concentrated on fifteenth-century topics.
Collections of papers delivered in colloquia at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.
The online university currently hosts eight residential colloquia each year for its online graduate students
These colloquia proceedings are open to the public via real-time conference call and will be archived online for free public access.
CIP 2003 will include technical courses, colloquia, an exhibition and an industrial forum.
It also sponsors two publication series, the Studia Augustana (Tubingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag), and the Colloquia Augustana (Berlin: Akademie Verlag).
Online university hosts eight residential colloquia each year for its graduate online degree students
This meeting is the first in a series of colloquia to be sponsored by FDLI in upcoming months.