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an academic seminar



(1) One of the forms of study in the educational system, having as its goal the clarification and augmentation of the student’s knowledge. Students in a colloquium discuss the individual parts, divisions, themes, and problems of the course being studied (material usually not included in the subject matter of seminars and other practical forms of study) and the participants’ papers, projects, and other assignments.

(2) Scientific gatherings at which papers are heard and discussed.

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This years colloquium will focus on promoting entrepreneurship.
Minister of Small Business Development, Ms Lindiwe Zulu, said that the SMME Colloquium would encourage effective dialogue and engagement between SMMEs, government and other key stakeholders as part of placing small businesses at the centre of job creation and economic development.
This Colloquium is a perfect opportunity to remind all of us about the crucial role that small businesses and co-operatives play in economic development and social cohesion.
53, the special Festschrift issue, offered in lieu of the missing 2006 Colloquium, is scheduled to appear late in this year.
These colloquiums offer a unique opportunity to scientists, entrepreneurs, venture investors and technologists to learn how nanotechnology is revolutionizing industry.
Fall Colloquium Line-up Features Global Leaders in Nanotechnology