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Loose, incoherent deposits at the foot of a slope or cliff, brought there principally by gravity.



fragmental material accumulating on mountain slopes or at the foot of slopes owing to displacement from higher areas by gravity (talus, creep, and slides) or the movement of thawing, water-saturated products of weathering in areas of permafrost.

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dust influx, alluvial or colluvial sedimentation), and removal (R) via erosion:
In 2014, two test trenches were opened: the first one, in the south, seemed to confirm the limits between the constructed area of the city and the cove's colluvial deposits.
The original colluvial deposits are concealed by the arrangements made for the archaeological conservation and display of the more recent rock paintings in the lower part of the cliffs.
Hughes Creek is characterised by a narrow floodplain of fluvial alluvium and colluvial sands, gravels and silts.
Correspondingly longer cropping periods and shorter fallow periods are characteristic on richer volcanic or alluvial and colluvial soils, in more accessible gardens nearer villages, and areas where population densities are high.
Similarly textured late glacial eolian silt and reworked colluvial silt on footslope and valley floor surfaces cannot be readily differentiated from lake sediments within soil profiles.
Overlying the mudflow, Unit 4, a silty diamicton with a relatively high carbonate and organic content, appears to have formed by a mix of natural colluvial and human transport processes, and is associated with human cultural material.
More than 10 breach-hazardous lakes, 2 large mud notches and more than 30 extremely dangerous colluvial deposits were threatening the city.
Stratified glaciofluvial, glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine deposits are present along most river valleys and in coastal areas, overlain by post-glacial fluvial and colluvial sediments.
Among the techniques featured are mechanically stabilized earth walls that combine precast panels with geogrids and recycled structural backfill that combines alluvial and colluvial soils to avoid waste.
Organic matter of mesic upland soils was 58% higher on the colluvial lower slopes as compared to the submesic shoulder slopes.