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A congenital, pathologic, or operative fissure, especially of the eye or eyelid.



a defect of the tissue of the eyelids or any internal membrane of the eyeball.

Congenital coloboma, usually found in the choroid or retina, originates with defects in the formation of the embryonic eye. Acquired coloboma develops as a result of punctures of the eyeball or surgical intervention (for example, iridectomy). Coloboma of the eyelids is often associated with other defects of facial development (harelip, cleft palate).

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13) Albinism 30% Progressive 11% cone/rod dystrophy Stationary 10% cone dysfunction Optic nerve 8% hypoplasia Colobomata 6% Anaridia 6% Familial 5% isolated CSNB 3% Idiopathic 21%
The facial anomalies, which are usually bilateral and symmetric, consist of down-slanting palpebral fissures, colobomata of the lower eyelid, scanty lower eyelashes, malar hypoplasia, and micro- or retrognathia.