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pylori that lack these proteins are misshapen, ranging from rods to crescents, which hampers their ability to bore through or colonize the stomach lining.
In Alexander McGill's words, a "curious and restless and excited gaze" had been fixed u pon Africa by those desiring to colonize "her," just as America had been the object of similar desires three centuries before.
Through them, Black identities are always interrogated and reduced to stereotypes; they would colonize the Black world, permitting only the reproduction of such Black subjects as whores, lawbreakers, and falsifiers who have to be policed.
The action proceeds as follows: A distinctive combination of species colonizes a region, coexists for a while, and departs in the face of massive environmental change.
In the mouse, SDF-1 appears to be required for the execution of the last step when the cells colonize the genital ridge which expresses the chemokine," says Erez Raz of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottingen, Germany, who led the Cell study.
The game, which will be released later this month, lets PC and Mac players colonize parts of the galaxy, and then go out and conquer their neighbors in the quest for control of the known universe.
After 2 years of monitoring, researchers could still find some of the seafarers, which supports the idea that people aren't the only species to colonize new lands by sailing.
Enhancing bacteria that already colonize humans is a completely new strategy to combat viral invasion, said Peter P.
These bacteria colonize a specialized cavity called the light organ, located on the squid's underside, and allow the animal to emit a diffuse glow toward the seafloor.
Today, America's five native species of prairie dog, a type of ground squirrel, colonize fewer than 500,000 hectares of U.
difficile can colonize the gut and release toxins, leading to bowel inflammation and severe diarrhea.
Although individual triatomine insects occasionally invade domestic dwellings throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico (4,5,14), this species has not been reported to colonize these habitats.