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Zauber and her associates is extended further, it may show that the interval between follow-up surveillance colonoscopies could be lengthened even more for low-risk patients.
Medical records were used to confirm reported colonoscopies.
If there is a miss rate for colonoscopies, what do we do between colonoscopies?
In a 2005 study, 5%-20% of all colonoscopies failed to reach the cecum (Endoscopy 2005; 38:209-13).
End points included monthly referrals for virtual colonoscopy and optical colonoscopy, monthly number of virtual colonoscopies actually performed, and monthly numbers of screening optical colonoscopies, total optical colonoscopies, and optical colonoscopies with polypectomy.
The second poster, "Yield of Significant Neoplasia in Three Clinically Indicated Settings for Colonoscopy," compares the relative positive predictive value for cancer and large adenoma detection among colonoscopies that are indicated by obvious rectal bleeding, detection of occult bleeding, or for screening purposes.
Each had performed at least 2,000 colonoscopies, and most had done far more than 5,000.
from New York to California recognize the critical importance of colon cancer screening and believe virtual colonoscopies offer a more pleasant alternative that will motivate patients to get screened.
These researchers have suggested that performing colonoscopies in such women might be stretching the limited endoscopic resources too thin.
Supporters of the bill said that the bill could save tens of thousands of lives by requiring insurers to provide coverage for colonoscopies and other tests to detect colon cancer.
By some estimates, 20%-30% of average-risk individuals over the age of 50 years will be found to have adenomas on those colonoscopies.
The computer simulation allows physicians to practice extensively before they come into contact with patients, helping ensure that colonoscopies are performed more accurately with minimal patient discomfort.