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AVT (Advanced Vision Technology Ltd)--the Israel-based manufacturer of automatic inspection, process control, quality assurance and color control for the packaging, label and commercial print markets--has been selected as the strategic provider of Landa Digital Printing's Print and Quality Control Solution.
This series of color change valve assemblies includes the company's No-Drip fluid valves for color control.
Irganox XP combines superior compatibility and solubility with outstanding processing stability and color control.
The MiniMits XD80U is smaller than a laptop and weighs less than three pounds, so it's good for presenters on the go, but it still offers 1500 ANSI lumens and color control.
Kyuanos provides an improved user experience though the use of a centralized color control panel and easy-to-use monitor calibration wizard.
The company is providing its ColorQuick closed-loop color control system to accompany RIT's new Heidelberg Sunday 2000 press, currently being installed at the school's Rochester, NY campus.
Advanced applications--From the pulp mill to the printing house including: Advanced Bleaching, Advanced Pulping, Performance CD Control, Performance MD Control, Performance Color Control, and Advanced Finishing Control
The use of digital color technology provides complete color control over image acquisition through digital cameras.
Photographers, Designers & Other Creatives Can Trade-Up To The Hottest Color Control And Creation Solution
QuadTech, a press control technology company based in Sussex, WI, USA, has announced a new partnership with the Callus Group to provide QuadTech closed-loop color control and color measurement systems for its offset, flexo and gravure presses.
Akcrostab organotin stabilizers for rigid PVC reportedly offer excellent long-term heat stability and early color control, plus improved processing.
Color control is thus said to be maintained once the specific Polytrend 7 Series liquid color for the desired end use application and coloristic properties has been selected or custom developed.