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YEBIS 3" can express a whole variety of real-looking motion blurs such as color fringing that varies around the focal point depending on the combination of the number of aperture blades and rounded aperture as well as lens configuration.
Specifically, that means a neutral bokeh in the background, highly detailed images without any optical artifacts, consistently high resolution power across the entire image field, no color fringing or distortion, and an extremely high image contrast all the way into the edges.
With the new family, a single 80x80mil device will typically replace four 40x40mil LED chips, which simplifies packaging and optical designs, while minimizing color fringing and shadow effects common to multi-chip implementations.
Axial chromatic aberration appears as color blur or flare, and chromatic difference of magnification appears as color fringing (where edges show color along their borders).
The wide format scanner also features two patent-pending CIS innovations that minimize sensor differences while a scan is in process and correct color fringing, a natural occurrence of CIS technology.
Tthe image suffers from color fringing and becomes blurred.
A complete set of lens and chromatic correction tools for fixing barrel, pincushion, and perspective distortions and color fringing issues are also included, as well as correction tools for red-eye, spots, and patches.
For example, GRIN elements in a MWIR system can be useful for correcting chromatic aberrations, or color fringing, for night vision, navigation and medical imaging applications.
The purpose of HD glass is to get the maximum or optimum contrast of images in view and minimize color fringing.
What I found was glass with annoying aberrations, coma, color fringing, poor resolution and contrast, meager twilight viewing, mechanisms that might last one season, and barrels sometimes out of alignment, resulting in eye strain after a few minutes viewing.
The lens yields sharp, high- contrast images and reduces color fringing, even when shooting in telephoto ranges.